Make IT More Meaningful Journal Prompts

NOTE: Because I'm immersed in a new life experience, I have temporarily stopped releasing weekly episodes. However, you may still purchase journal prompts for episodes 166 - 179 AND receive lifetime access to future journal prompts for only $27 USD. 


Created for journal-loving, self-development, and spiritual growth junkies!

Are you an avid journaler always on the lookout for new, thought-provoking, and insight-sparking journal prompts? 

Do you enjoy self-development and consciousness-expanding podcasts?

🎙️+ 📖🖊️ = 🤯  (Podcast episode + Journal Prompts = Mindblowing insights)

Make IT More Meaningful journal prompts help listeners of the Leading the Way podcast process their thoughts and feelings around stepping into the spiritual leadership roles of healers, coaches, guides, and teachers. 

You can make each episode more meaningful to you and your human experience with these themed journaling prompts. So instead of just listening to each episode, you can apply it to your unique experiences and circumstances and find more meaning in it. 

In other words, you can Make IT More Meaningful. 😂🤣😂

Who am I? Oh, yeah, you may be curious about that. 🤩 I’m Donna Doyon Gilbert. I’m a semi-retired nomad living in a converted 7x14’ cargo trailer with my husband, Earl. I host the Leading the Way podcast and I create self-development and spiritual growth-focused courses and programs. 

This podcast has been a Heart’s Calling project since 2017. After a 3.5-year break from creating new episodes, I started it up again in Sept 2023. This time, I wanted a way for listeners to take the ideas and concepts I shared to a deeper level. And that’s how these Make IT More Meaningful journal prompts came into existence.

If you enjoy listening to my podcast, I hope you’ll allow me to serve as one of your mentors. After listening to an episode (or even without listening to the episode), pull out the journal prompts and process the thoughts and feelings that come up for you. Take the topic deeper and make it more meaningful for you. 

Meditate. Contemplate. Journal.

Enrich and develop your viewpoint... your voice. 

It is YOUR voice that will transform and inspire others to follow you to healthier, happier, and higher-vibe living.

Enroll now to access the Make IT More Meaningful journal prompts.

Membership access includes:

* 🎧Each week's downloadable podcast episode (also available on your favorite podcast app). 

* 📄Printable episode transcript.

* 🖊️Seven (7) printable journal prompts that can serve as discussion questions or conversation starters if you want to get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

But wait, there’s more! 😀

* 🎧Immediate access to podcast players, transcripts, journal prompts, and comment sections for all episodes starting with Ep166.

*💡The opportunity to request journal prompts for earlier episodes (pre-166).

* 😎The opportunity to interact with me directly.

* 🕘Save time and select the option to receive the journal prompts in your email inbox every Tuesday morning. ($2 extra per month - select option at checkout).


Q: How many journal prompts are included?

A: You will receive seven (7) journal prompts related to each podcast episode. How you use them is up to you:

  • Use these questions as part of a daily journaling/contemplation/meditation practice. 
  • Pick one question to reflect on for several days or the entire week. The choice is yours!

Q: Do I have to answer every prompt?

A. No. You don't have to journal about or contemplate every journal prompt. These journal prompts are created as starting points to help you look within yourself at how you think and feel about a topic. You can skip any journal prompts that don't appeal to you (although I would then invite you to journal about any resistance or reluctance you feel).

Q: What can I expect to change in my life if I consistently write responses to these journal prompts?

A: These journal prompts are created to increase your awareness of your current thoughts and beliefs. As your awareness increases, you can make conscious choices about things you want to change. These things may include your relationships, your health, your financial situation, and so much more. You may also answer these prompts thoughtfully and choose to NOT make any changes. In that case, nothing in your life may change externally but internally your vibration may shift to a higher, lighter, love-filled level. 

Q. I really am not into journaling, but I enjoy your podcast. Can I still sign up?

A. Of course! Several listeners have told me they use this low-cost membership as a way to express their appreciation for my work.

Q: What if I don't like it after I sign up for it?

A: Because of the digital nature of this product, refunds are NOT provided. You can cancel at any time by sending an email to: Please put CANCEL MIMM in the subject line. You will have access to the journal prompts until the end of your billing cycle. I invite you to take a Test Drive before you sign up if you aren't sure if a journalling/contemplation program is right for you. 

Want to try it before you buy it?

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